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What does my insurance cover?
Our office always verifies your chiropractic benefit to determine how much coverage you have. Most plans cover Chiropractic, as well as durable medical equipment (Orthotics, back supports, pillows & tens units).

What are my co-pays?
Co-pays vary with each insurance company as well selected employer plans. We always contact your insurance carrier to determine your particular benefit coverage. We have in office financial plans so don’t be concerned until you discuss your options with us.

Do I need a referral for WC/Auto Injuries?
Does my health plan require a referral?
Very seldom do patient’s health plans require a referral. Your insurance company will be contacted to determine if it is necessary for treatment. We have a close working relationship with most primary care physicians in our area. Keep in mind, any referrals need to be dated for some date as initial appointment.
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